Techshark™ Trailblazer 1.0 Bikes

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Please Note: This product has recently been updated to include our new branding. The product has not been changed other than our logo placement/packaging. Some orders may receive the product with the old branding/packaging. 


Techshark™ 21-speed Mountain Bike

The perfect bike to conquer all terrain and withstand any environment. The Techshark 21-speed Mountain Bike is designed to perform, rain or shine.

Full Aluminum Alloy Frame

The Techshark 21-speed Mountain Bike is made up of an aluminum alloy body and high carbon steel parts, such as the handlebar and chain. High-quality materials help prevent bikes from damage and increase their life span, allowing you to get from point A to B and beyond, no matter what terrain you face!

21 Speed Professional Mountain Bike

Enjoy your ride at 21 different speeds by using the extremely smooth, finger-type shifter. Coupled with the 21-speed selections are the powerful front and rear double disc brakes that let you stop with ease.

Excellent Shock Absorbers 

The Techshark 21-speed Mountain Bike sports 29x1.95 inch wide tires with a premium aluminum suspension fork letting you shred through gravel. Whether you are riding mountain cross-country or mountain roads and highways, the Trailblazer™ 1.0 has interchangeable front shock-absorber settings to adjust your ride to your needs.

Some Assembly Required

Minimal assembly is required, getting you out for a ride faster. The Techshark 21-speed Mountain Bike comes partially assembled to ensure a swift purchase to riding experience. Please Note: Professional assembly is recommended. Damage caused by improper assembly is not covered by the warranty.


Are you ready for the biking season? Pick up your Techshark™ 21-speed Mountain Bike today!


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